Workspace Tour

I make a point to redo my workspace through the year, to keep things fresh. Over the past few years I’ve collected various bins and decorations. The trick is to arrange my things in a way that can work for whatever type of project I’m working on. I always have the same desk, as my bed is a loft with a desk underneath.

Two years ago, I kept my larger desktop computer out, and blocked it by hanging a blanket down from the bed. Since then I’ve switched to using my laptop full-time since it’s more space-conscious. I made the mistake of blocking up most of the desk last year with my easel (I got it when it was on sale), which didn’t leave much room to set up still-lifes, or work digitally. I put out a lot of ceramic figurines last year, which got too crowded.

My goal with my desk organization now is this: how to organize limited working space, balance lighting, and store tools while also having open space and decorations. As the desk is much longer than it is wide, it gets interesting, to say the least. Behold, this year’s working space:

I’ve turned the cork board around, to hide my schedule and personal info. Everything I’ve got out was pretty cheap, too. On the right side, I sorted out all my often-used art supplies into mason jars and pencil cups. The blue bin, currently filled with paint stuff, is from Target. Usually I have books on the left side, but they’re stacked under a chair at the moment.

The hanging scarf and banner is new, as is the plastic potted plant. My big table easel is under the desk, with some other assorted things I don’t always need out. The big game-changer is on the keyboard tray. The small table easel I’ve got there can be propped up on the edge of the desk (along with a water cup and paint tubes) to save the desk space for setting up reference, and my paint palette. With the clamp light above (from Walmart) the desk is very well lit. Sometimes too bright, since it’s an LED bulb.

If possible, I’d like to stick with this setup through this year as it’s working well. It’d be really cool to buy some prints or posters and hang them up above the desk. I like hearing about other artist’s workspaces too- if anyone reading has a workspace they enjoy, feel free to comment about it!

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